Coil Charging Cable 3 Phase - 32A Car plug Type 2 / permanent attachment mode 3

Article number
Number of phases
3 Phases
Cable type
Coil permanent attachment
Battery capacity
Car plug
Type 2
Charging station plug
This coil charging cable is available in 4m. working length (8m. cut length). Other lengths on request.

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JAZZY2GO coil charging cable with a Type 2 plug on the car side and a permanent attachment at the charging station.       
The Type 2 plug is filled with a heat spreading synthetic resin and has an ergonomically shaped handgrip.       
The plug is fitted with a rubber cap to protect against dirt and moisture.            
Type of cable    PUR                    
Cable     5 x 6,0mm² (L1, L2, L3, Mass + N) and 1 x 0,5mm² (CP)          
      Class V-O, non-flammable highest class               
Plugs     In accordance with IEC 62196-2 and 61962-2            
Max. capacity   22kW. Charging cable up to 32A / 480V           
Number of phases    3                    
Safety class    IP44                    
Resistance   220 Ohm                    
JAZZY2GO charging cables must only be used to charge electric cars (EVs) to Mode 3 charging stations in accordance    
with the ISO 17409 standard and IEC standard 61851. Never use an extension cord with a charging cable!